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It's time to tell the Alpha Troop Story


We've got one hell of a story to tell. In the past seven years or so, you guys have
captivated me with some of the best stories I've ever heard--stories that capture the
essence of what being in Vietnam was all about. Each of us has at least one good story,
and we need to get together to tell the whole story.

Well, we have a chance to have our story told and to have it told right.

Myra Colgate, the wife of Dick Colgate(Alpha Troop, 70-72), is a professional editor who
has offered to pull our individual stories together into an anthology for us and for
posterity. Myra is a freelance writer and photographer who once served as section
editor for the Ft.Campbell Courier. She's a Navy brat who's married to a career
serviceman. She's the best of the best for doing what needs to be done.

Guys, we need to tell our story before the final history of our service is written by guys
like Stanley Kubrick and Oliver Stone. More importantly, we need to tell our families
and our country about our service. I am continually amazed by how many times I've
heard the following conversation: " I never ask him about the war because he never
talks about it." " I never tell her/them about the war because she/they never ask about it."

Guys, your families want to know. Your kids and grandkids want to know, and we need
to tell them. We need to tell them not just about the heroism in the AO, but about the
comradery, the friendships, and the antics that made us the best cavalry unit in
Vietnam. We need to talk about what made us the best unit in the AO. We need to talk
about the heartbreak, the tragedies, and the humor that made those twelve months some of the most memorable of our lives.

Each of us has threatened to write a book about the war, but we never have and
probably never will. But each of us has one really good story. It doesn't have to be
about combat,and,infact,my best memories are not out in the AO but back in the rear

So this is your mission( and i know that some of you have already started):Write down
that one, really good story. It doesn't need to be long. In fact, it probably shouldn't be
longer than a Readers Digest article--short enough that you can read it while you're,
well, otherwise occupied.

Send the Story to Myra. Her E-Mail address is :

She'll help you. In fact, she's even offered to open up her house in the Great Smoky
Mountains to guests to help us write their stories.

If you can't write a story your self, get together with one of your buddies and tell a story
together. If you can't fill a couple of pages, then write what you can. I suspect some of
the best memories are just snapshots, one sentence memories burned into our

I'm going to post Myra's guidlines in the private area, and I'll keep it updated with her
advice. I'm also going to dend her the e-mail list in case she wants to get in touch with
us collectively.

Let's get writing.


P.S. There may be room in this, or another anthology of wives' reflections, also.

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