Alpha Troop
2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division ( Air Assault )
Alpha Troop Association

 Business Meeting
   ( Clarksville, Tenn. - March 6-9 )


Bob Segura at the Podium


 CPT. Adam Camarano with Bob Hull
 and Leon Meidam

1st row: Doug Doerr, Keith Reed
2nd row: Bob Hull, Richard Smith, Mike Talton
3rd row: Leon Meidam, Jim Red, Reese Jackson, David Walls


Ready to start the Business Meeting

Mike Mabe, Chris Walls, David Walls, Tom Mundell, Reese Jackson,
Nilda, Keith Reed, Lynn Segura, Bob Segura, Christene Meidam,
Mike Talton, Ron Morse, Doug Doerr, Frank De La Vara, Bob Hull

R1: Keith Reed
R2: Jim Red, Richard Smith, Mike Mabe, Ron Morse.
R3: Tom Mundell, Bob Hull, Frank De La Vara
R4: Leon Meidam, Bob Segura, David Walls, Reese Jackson

Enjoying the after meeting refreshments

Mike Mabe ready to pull pitch and
nose it over

Leon Meidam and Reese Jackson
hard at work on their computers

Frank De La Vara and Keith Reed
adding some final notes after the meeting

Lynn Segura, Bob Hull, Bob Segura,
CPT.Adam Camarano and Leon Meidam
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