Alpha Troop

2nd Squadron/17th Cavalry

101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

Alumni Association

 Wives and Sweethearts


Holey Moley, where did all these women come from ?
Photo Credit : Group photo available from David Nester Studios,Memphis, Tn (901)323-9993

Denver  2001

1st Row: Lydia Talton,Mrs. Cheney, Jerilyn Brusseau, Sally Endler, Frances Bresnahan, Diana Morgan, Phai Masterson, Brenda Carriaga
2nd Row: Catherine Stevens, Man Qualm, Kathy Reed, Babs McNeel, Judy Dato, Janette Foster, Cindy Mapes, Marilyn Soltau, Ingrid Schneider

Washington  2000

1st Row: Tanya Hardy, Josh Hardy, Mr.Kreidler
2nd Row: Betsy Kemp,Nancy Hutsell,Sue Hardy,Linda Kreidler,Lynn Segura,Carol Malley
3rd Row: Peggy Graham,Hidden,Tillie Sansom,Sue Pearson,Mary Lou Harmon,need help,Marianne Blawn,need help

Nashville  1999

1st Row: Nancy Hutsell, Lyn Segura, Kris Green, Alex Streeper, Betsy Kemp, Lydia Talton
2nd Row: Tillie Sansom, Peggy Patry, Frances Voyles, Sye Pearson,
need help, Ahn Farr, need help, Darlene Ryan, need help

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