Alpha Troop
2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division (Air Mobile - Air Assault)
Alpha Troop Association


To express the gratitude to individuals who have provided extraordinary support, the
Alpha Troop Association is proud to present it's new V.I.P. Award to the following individuals
and groups. The award plaque was designed and developed by Ron Morse ( 68-69 ). It features
a certificate commemorating the achievement and two Alpha Troop challenge coins mounted in a
handsome matte and frame. Please join us as we salute all of our award winners...

Christine Meidam, wife
of Alpha Trooper Leon Meidam
(71), whose tireless efforts
and positive personality kept
everything humming to make
our 2008 Nashville Reunion
such a success.
Thank you, Christine!

The employees of, San Antonio,
Texas, for their enthusiastic
support of our Troop in
Afghanistan with care packages
and letters. Daniel Lopez (69-
70) and Erica Mendoza accept
the award. Thank you, InkSell.

The 200 employees
of Medical Services Group
of Jacksonville, Florida, for
supporting Alpha Troop in
Afghanistan with care packages.
Chrissy Verdin, CEO Joe
Delaney and Allyson Doerr led
the team effort. Thank you!

.Mr. Dick May, manager of Dick's
Sporting Goods in Cedar Rapids, IA.
for providing a huge discount on the
sports equipment we purchased to send
to the Troop in Afghanistan.
Thank you Dick, you are the man !

* * *


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