Alpha Troop
2nd Squadron/17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division ( Airmobile )
Memories of Vietnam (1)
The Early Years
Welcome to Cav Country
Home Sweet Home
Ground Cobra
Cav Picnic
Change of Command
Ground Cav with CIB
Holt, Harding & the "Bear"
Frank Costello
Doc Watson and Friend
John Feeny
Don Meyer
Sands,Strother & Perez
Don Perez
Mike Pritchard
Sands and Kit Carson Scout
"Bear" & Phil Minard with Pows
Don Beck with Friends
Cav Scouts
Bottom Row: Stewart, Murphy, Duran, Bogue, Pritchard
2nd Row: Tyler, Meyer, Nesbitt, Tinsly, Smith, Edge, Vander
3rd Row: Rodgers, Kornick, Mitchell, Catyzell, Brown, Romero, Setzer
4th Row: Segur, Unknown, Guire, Unknown,Buten
2nd Platoon, A Troop, 2/17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division