Alpha Troop
2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault )
Alumni Association

Memories of Iraq - O.I.F.

58 on Warrior flight line w/60 in background

castle mosque ruins from southwest
in Kirkuk Iraq

castle mosque #2 from the west

1SG gets taken down trying to defend c...

carrying CPT. Musico

CPT. Musico gets rolled on COC day

CPT. Winklesky gets rolled on COC day

flower in Iraq

GSOP flame near Kirkuk

Hepfner Kraft in C Troop 596

Hepfner Kraft in food court at Warrior

IED on IP on route Deni

Mike Smith in CP at Warrior

mountain rage over the Tigris #1

mountain rage over the Tigris #2

Puskas in front of GSOP at
sulfer seperation plant

Puskas with stogy and Stetson

Phelps, Crandall and Marshburn in crew shack

soaked CPT. Musico

wet CPT. Musico with Kevin at picnic table


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