Alpha Troop
2nd Squadron/17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division
Alumni Association

2008 Reunion in Nashville, Tenn.

Christine and Leon Meidam

Harold and Nancy Hutsell with their son

Bernard Creque  and John Gardner

David and Cathy Bogart

Tony and Mary DeCarolis

Doug Doerr and Frank Esposito

George and Nellie Nagy

Dinner in the Ball Room

Catherin and Ron Morse

Bill and Heidi Kreps

Keith Reed getting the action started
in the Ball Room

Keith and Cathy Reed

Becky and Richard Smith

Lydia and Mike Talton

Olivia and Jim Red

"Everyone say Cheese"
Group shot taken by 5 different cameras

The  Ladies of Alpha Troop

Blues Brothers

Blues gather round the table

Christine and Leon Meidam enjoying a
moment of relaxation in the Hooch

Keith Reed and Mike Talton

2008 Reunion in Nashville - continued

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photo credits to: Ron Morse , Reese Jackson and all the ladies for the Group picture