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I was not able to attend Gary Greens Memorial in Gillette or his fureral at Arlington because

my 13 year old daughter was undergoing major surgery and recovery to insert a 12" rod and

four pins in her thigh.


As some of you know,Bill Herrig and I were shot down and carried out on the wing of

Gary's Ship. The Army awarded him his most prestigous medal for that event. I gave him

credit for every moment I have spent since.


I will not be attending the reunion this tear but I went back to Arlington Cemetary last week

with my 17 year old son, Bodhi. We sat together on Gary's grave and I told him all of the

stories of my time with him, what kind of a he was and the risk he took to save my life.

Since Gary's permanent headstone had not been installed, Bodhi and I built our own Stone Pile

Monument. By now it has probably been brought down by the mowers but thats ok because

nothing is perminent. In our search for rocks we found a blood red rock and planted it just

under the grass above where we figured his heart would have been.


It was a very intimate and appropriate time for both of us. A father talking to his son about

men, war and how a single decision can change a lifetime. If it had not been for Gary I would

certainly have died (or worse) and not been able to raise my six children. What other reason

do we fight wars for but to secure the ability to live freely for our family, frienda and

countrymen. Gary may have had many dramatic and ballsey moments. He may have taken

risks that nobody else would have, shot straighter, raised the body count higher and recieved

many decorations for valor....However, I will always remember him in the eyes of my

children. Thanks Gary


Mike Hagar

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